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High School


Developing sensitivity towards the environment and its protection and appreciating the cultural, ethnic, and religious diversity that marks our world are some of the major goals and core needs of Education today. Inculcating essential human values and developing core life skills among children right from early classes through a curriculum designed suitably within and across subjects is by far the best methodology schools can adopt to achieve this goal. Although the CISCE has since the last year, reworked its curriculum to mandate this integration and inter-disciplinary approach of subjects to make the learning experience more meaningful, long-lasting and engaging for the child, Billabong’s curriculum has been preparing children in just this manner right from its inception.

This is in complete sync with vision and mission.

The Teaching methodology followed across High School, prepares learners to take the onus for their academic performance with teachers acting as facilitators in the truest sense of the term. Both the ICSE and ISC empower the child to be fluent in communication skills which match the world demand for proficiency in English while the choice of electives offered at the +2 level opens up multiple avenues for the students in universities both in India and abroad.

The academic environment provided by Billabong is unparalleled precisely on account of the small class size or the teacher-student ratio. Faculty being experts in their own subjects have an additional stamp of experience after having been selected as Assistant Examiners to check the ISC Board papers. Rather than the cut-throat competition and one-upmanship which marks top schools, the environment facilitates the sharing of knowledge and notes. A student eager to improve his/her grades has the option to approach the teachers at any time to clarify his/her doubts; in many cases peer-learning and mentoring is also encouraged.

A keen and personal interest taken in each student by each member encourages students to develop a rapport with teachers which is limited neither by time nor distance nor the perimeters of the school. Teachers are sensitive and sensible such that they are attuned to the behaviour and attitude of their students; while students are assured of confidentiality even in cases where they divulge information which is impacting their emotional well-being.